Warehouse Automation Solutions to Reach Your Customers Faster

Next-Generation Automated Warehouse Robots

Distrobycs is a world-leading brand of automated warehouse robots and robotic warehouse systems. We believe that Warehouse technology is the best way to improve efficiency, cut costs, increase reliability, and create a safer work environment. Our commitment to high-quality systems unlock the benefits of warehouse automation for both our clients and the customers they serve.


Abridor Automatic Box Opener

The Abridor box opening machine opens boxes and cases of many different sizes by observing the dimensions and adjusting accordingly. Its careful cutting lets you reuse boxes and enhances operational efficiency.

Palletizing Robot

AutoPallet Palletizing Robot

The AutoPallet is an automatic palletizer that uses a modular design to palletize any variety of objects, including bags and boxes. Businesses that automate pallet building can realize substantial savings and better safety.


SmartSeal Box Sealing Machine

The SmartSeal Box sealing machine speeds up the fulfilment process and reduces costs by resealing your reused boxes. Built-in sensors perceive a box’s size allowing the SmartSeal to seal boxes of varying sizes.

Global Leaders in Warehouse Automation

We offer a range of products that are custom-built to enhance warehousing operations. These technologies automate repetitive tasks in order to speed up deliveries, reduce the risk of human error, and cut costs across the board. These robotic solutions are built to last and integrate easily into your plant’s infrastructure.

We work with logistics, eCommerce, and other industries to optimise the fulfilment process. Our robotic systems simplify and speed up warehouse operations such as box sealing and palletizing. When companies implement our solutions, they realize substantial savings, more reliable warehousing workflows, improved safety conditions, and faster operations.

We’re committed to making sure your products get to the right place at the right time.

Three Reasons to use Distrobycs for Your Business

Commitment to Quality

Our engineers work tirelessly with precision instrumentation to create the highest quality automation technology on the market. We’re committed to using only the most durable materials to withstand demanding warehousing environments. 

Complete Integration

Distrobycs robotic warehouse systems easily integrate into your existing plant workflow. We work closely with our clients to ensure a seamless transition from manual to automatic production lines and upgrades.

Worldwide Service

We're able to service organisations around the world with fast results. We provide worldwide delivery, installation and support to give you access to the best warehouse automation solutions no matter where your business is.

Join Thousands of Other Organizations Worldwide Using Robotic Warehouse Systems

Warehouse Technology from a Company with Decades of Engineering Experience

Distrobycs is a proven leader in warehouse automation solutions. The company is a subsidiary of Robycs Technology, a Sydney based firm that’s provided outstanding industrial automation services to manufacturers since 1991. Distrobycs robotic warehouse systems focus in on tailor-made solutions to answer tomorrow’s challenges.

By offering ongoing global support and outstanding customer service, Distrobycs sets itself apart from other service providers and builds bonds of trust. We value customer satisfaction above all else, and that’s why we continually strive to create, install, and maintain next-generation warehouse automation for organisations in a variety of industries. You can rely on Distrobycs to get the job done.

Industries We Service

Today’s industries rely on logistics more than ever before. Between global supply chains, the dominance of internet shopping, and serving an increasingly widespread customer base, warehousing has taken on a new meaning. Our warehouse automation solutions are perfect for logistics and transportation companies, but it doesn’t end there.


Food Processing

Food processing companies face unique challenges when it comes to sourcing materials and distributing products. Automation makes it easier.

warehouse automation solutions


Logistics in the 21st century is incredibly complex. New problems demand new solutions.

warehouse automation solutions


The eCommerce market created a meteoric rise in global package shipping volumes. Keeping up isn’t possible without technology.

warehouse automation solutions

Mass Retail

Mass retailers rely on automation solutions to remain relevant and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.