About Distrobycs

Warehouse Automation Solutions you can depend on

Distrobycs warehouse automation products are made for organisations who are serious about growth. With our relentless commitment to quality, efficiency, and safety, we’re blazing the path for the future of logistics technology and warehousing. That’s why we’re the first choice for supply chain, retail, and eCommerce companies that seek to improve efficiency through automation. We build our machines so that they’re easy to integrate into your existing production line, so that they provide the flexibility that you need in today’s complex logistics landscape, and to guarantee the efficiency that speeds up fulfilment.

We build our machines so that they’re easy to integrate into your existing production line.

Our pursuit of complete integration into your existing systems provides the flexibility that you need in today’s complex logistics landscape. It also provides you with the efficiency to speeds up your fulfilment process. It’s no wonder that companies around the world trust Distrobycs for their warehousing technology.

We’re a trusted industry icon at the forefront of warehousing and logistics technology. Our parent company, Robycs Technology, has been serving Australian industries with automation services since 1991. Distrobycs is our way of focusing exclusively on the unique requirements of the eCommerce, logistics and manufacturing industries.

Delivering Excellence Since 1991

Robycs Technology

Distrobycs is a Robycs Technology Brand. Our family business has been helping to provide engineering solutions for industry since 1991, and Distrobycs is our flagship brand of warehouse automation products.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, my life-long passion has been building advanced machines, and my team and I work tirelessly to develop the next generation of automated robots and equipment to increase the productivity of your business. Today, we're finding new ways to get your products to your customers faster and more reliably. I'm excited every day that our team solves technological problems, and helps organisations make their production lines faster, smarter and more reliable.

I'm driven by providing the best possible service we can. Our products are designed and built to last, and the greatest satisfaction that I have is seeing our clients succeed after we've helped them.

 - Raymond Sanchez, CEO

What We Value

A key component of the Distrobycs mission is exceptional customer service. We value our clients above all else, and that’s why our team is available on-demand to assist you with installation, maintenance, and improvement throughout the entire product lifecycle. This helps to maximise your uptime, ensures that you’re running efficiently, and results in significant savings in the long run.

We believe in a more productive world. The pace of technological innovation is rapidly accelerating, both on the hardware and software sides of the coin. We understand that adapting to this changing world is a huge challenge for industries that already run on thin margins, yet we also know that staying up to date is a matter of survival. That’s why our goal is to synthesise best-in-class automation solutions with outstanding service. It makes a difference.

Our robots and machines excel at automating inventory control. This includes receipt of stock, unboxing, identifying, storing, picking, packing, and labeling for shipping. From automatic box cutters to palletizing robots, we’re constantly innovating on a variety of warehousing technologies in order to bring world-class solutions to your production line.

All our projects focus on continual review, improvements, and validation. We don’t just make the machines. We continue to service them so that we’re always bringing you the best warehouse automation solutions on the market.