Next-Generation Automated Warehouse Robots

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Robotic warehouse systems to process orders faster

Thousands of businesses across the world are implementing more advanced automation systems to help stay ahead of the competition. With automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic box openers, case sealers and more, you can automate nearly every aspect of your distribution centre, production line or warehouse. We offer a range of robotic systems that are built to enhance your operations. These technologies automate repetitive tasks in order to speed up deliveries, reduce the risk of human error, and cut costs across the board.


Automatic Box Opener

Reduce box opening time to seconds and eliminate product damage with the ultra-high precision rotating blade of the Abridor automatic box opening machine. Unlike any other box opening machine on the market, the Abridor cuts boxes so precisely that it allows you to recycle boxes on completion - saving you money and waste.


Palletizing Robot

Manually handling boxes can lead to workplace injuries and is inefficient. The Distrobycs AutoPallet can stack boxes coming from production and distribution lines perfectly, with a variety of attachments to hold boxes, cartons and bags.


Box Sealing Machine

Save money and reduce waste by reusing your recycled boxes. The SmartSeal is ideal for distribution centres or manufacturers with an ongoing relationship with clients, due to the ability to re-seal reused boxes. The SmartSeal is a great investment for any large organisation that deals with large stock volumes

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