The Box Sealing Machine that Seals Reused Boxes and Reduces Costs

World's First Box Sealing Machine for Reused Boxes


  • Seals Reused boxes
  • Integrates with existing conveyor systems
  • On-board vision system to seal a variety of box sizes
  • Combines perfectly with the Abridor automatic box opener

Faster Packaging

The automatic box sealer is capable of boosting packaging speeds and expediting fulfilment. The SmartSeal box sealing machine replaces the time-consuming manual box sealing process, which slows down fulfilment rates and allows you to complete orders faster

Reduce Fulfilment Costs

Sealing Reused boxes allows organisations to reduce their expenses for packaging materials. Automating more steps in the fulfilment process means you can redistribute the workforce and reduces costs.

Seals Range of Boxes

This flexible solution automatically senses a box’s size and adjusts accordingly. That’s why it’s so valuable for shipping a variety of products.

Worldwide Delivery and Support

Distrobycs is a leader in worldwide automation solutions because we provide exceptional products with the support to back it up. Our global reach allows us to deliver and install our range of automated warehouse robots directly to your facility and provide ongoing support throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

Increase Your Fulfilment Rate and Reduce Costs

By utilising the automatic box sealer, organisations increase their fulfilment rate, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The resilient robot eliminates the cost of human error and provides unparalleled reliability. This box sealer dependably closes packages within a fraction of the time of conventional box closing methods.

After an initial investment, a box closing robot quickly pays for itself in reduced human labour hours and increased fulfilment speed. Find out why other businesses that adopt automated box sealing machines can dispatch orders faster

Box Sealer Easily Integrates with Your Production Line

Distrobycs built this machine with ease of use in mind from the very beginning. We created an automation solution that businesses of all sizes can integrate in their production lines with ease. It is a flexible machine that gives engineers the ability to alter the dimensions, including the working height and the height of the side drives. Operators can also choose the tape width, the dispenser-tape overlap, and the electrical specifications.

This amounts to a box sealer that’s ready for any job you can throw at it. These compatibility features set this model apart from other machines. And, of course, you can always count on our expert service team to answer your questions, address your concerns, and go out of their way to make sure our systems fully integrate with your existing production line.

Seal a wide range of Boxes. Reuse Old Boxes.

This automatic box sealing machine offers some key advantages. Foremost, it can seal a wide range of boxes. Not only is the machine easy to configure, but it also automatically adjusts to boxes on the conveyor as they reach the sealing unit. This enables companies to feed a large variety of boxes through the machine and achieve the same dependable result day after day. Second, the box sealer also lets organisations reuse old boxes. This cuts costs and enables more efficiency in your supply chain.

Product Description

The automatic box sealing machine represents the newest generation in fully automated fulfilment technology. Across many industries, spanning manufacturing to shipping and everything in between, companies integrate this solution into their factories and warehouses to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up the fulfilment process.

The Distrobycs box sealer closes a variety of box sizes by sensing the dimensions of boxes on the conveyor as they approach the infeed area.

This enables it to seamlessly adapt to seal small, medium, and large boxes without any operator intervention.

The SmartSeal seals boxes around their upper edge. This enables synergy between this technology and the Distrobycs Abridor Box Opener, enabling enterprises to reuse boxes. This simplifies logistics, reduces material costs, and lessens environmental impacts.

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