The Intelligent Palletizing Robot that Stacks Faster

Reliable Gantry Palletizer


  • Robust Gantry system to increase reliability
  • Variety of attachments to pick up boxes, cases and bags
  • Integrates with existing conveyor systems
  • Combines perfectly with the Abridor box opening machine

Increased Efficiency

This fully automatic system is able to palletize more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of manual palletization. Boost efficiency, cut costs, and improve productivity with the AutoPallet palletizing robot.

Fully Automated

Operator intervention is rarely if ever necessary. The AutoPack intelligently builds pallets based on box sizes and allows for fully automated palletization

More Reliable

The AutoPallet minimises downtime to keep productivity high and to mitigate lost value. Your customers depend on your products, and that’s why you need automation technologies that you can trust.

Delivery and Support Worldwide

Distrobycs is a worldwide automation solutions leader. We provide exceptional products with the support to back them up. Our global reach allows us to deliver and install our range of automated warehouse robots directly to your facility and provide ongoing support throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

Ready for Mixed Case Palletizing

The AutoPallet palletizing robot is completely modular and fully customizable. By putting power into the hands of engineers and operators, we can create a solution that’s tailor-made to specific functions. This dynamic palletizing machine is suitable for any distribution centre because it handles a variety of case sizes. Since most warehouses and distribution centers process many different sized cases on a daily basis, it’s crucial to have a palletizer that can handle any box, regardless of size. The Distrobycs AutoPallet automated palletizing machine can even create mixed case pallets with its onboard logic system.

Easy Integration into Your Facility

Due to its flexibility and operability, the automatic palletizing robot is simple yet effective. It’s designed with ease-of-use in mind. This makes it easy to integrate into your existing production line and suitable for many different contexts. Regardless of how your existing production line and conveyor systems are configured, the automatic palletizer is guaranteed to integrate seamlessly and make the transition from manual to automatic processes as smooth as possible.

Reduce Workplace Injuries Through Automated Box Handling

It’s no secret that box and case palletizing brings inherent risks. Especially when we’re dealing with heavy or hazardous materials, employee safety needs to be our top priority. By automating palletization with a robotic solution, organisations stand to lower injury costs and improve employee outcomes. When companies can automate reach and other dangerous tasks, personnel enjoy greater safety and a more comfortable working environment.

Product Description

The AutoPallet palletizing robot by Distrobycs is a modular design palletizer that manufacturers, transportation industries, and other businesses use for fully or semiautomatic palletization. With a fully adjustable height and customizable features like configurable clamp heads, the automatic palletizer machine connects to any existing conveyor, at a high or low level, and palletizes a number of objects, including bags and boxes.
This gantry palletizer can use different lifting tools to handle many different products. Its flexibility allows a variety of businesses to use it for many different functions, making it easy to integrate into any existing facility.

The box palletizer machine can work alongside an automatic box opener machine to fully automate the process of opening and palletizing boxes.

This automation system is another prime example of how next-generation companies are using advanced technology to boost efficiency, cut costs, and enact more seamless production lines. These solutions, including the automatic box palletizer, are important steps for remaining competitive in tomorrow’s industrial landscape. Especially when combined with other Distrobycs automation technologies, these small steps amount to a true revolution.

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